Hot, Nutritious meals are provided Monday thru Friday at the Senior Center in Cambridge and Cambridge Heights Apartments in Cambridge.

Our Byesville site serves lunch Monday thru Friday at Byesville Stop Nine Senior Center located at 60330 Southgate Road, Byesville, OH 43723.

Our Londonderry site serves lunch Monday thru Friday at the Masonic Lodge located at 22577 Cadiz Road, Freeport, OH 43973.

Our Cumberland site serves lunch Tuesday and Friday at the Cumberland United Methodist Church loated at 437 W. Main Street, Cumberland, OH 43732.

Our Pleasant City site serves lunch Monday and Thursday at the Pleasant City United Methodist Church located at 400 Main Street, Pleasant City, OH 43772.

Our Old Washington site serves lunch Wednesday and Friday at the Old Washington United Methodist Church located at 118 Old National Road, Old Washington, OH 43768.

Lunch is served at 11:30 am - 1:00 pm at all our Sites and Senior Center.

Make sure you check out the monthly menu to see what we are serving.

Home Delivered Meals

Upon the completion of a personalized assessment, home delivered hot meals  are provided 5 days a week to eligible individuals, including disabled Veterans (of any age), Passport and Waiver, and frozen meals are available for the weekends and holidays upon request. Seniors who would like to receive "Meals on Wheels", should contact the nutrition department at (740) 439-5717.

Meals are provided on a "donation only basis." For seniors 60 and over the suggested donation for a meal is $5.00. For seniors under 60 the required donation for a meal is $7.50.

All of our meals are planned to meet 1/3 or the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of vitamins and minerals. The menus are signed off by a Registered Dietitian to ensure this.

Don't let special diet restrictions worry you. We will take care of all of your dietary need. We subcontract with a AAA9 appointed dietitian to provide meals to clients with special diets.